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Where do i find library files for windows

  • Hi All,

    I cannot find the lib files of Qt framework 4.7 so i can link in Visual Studio 2005. Or do i link to the .a files(which are nothing but .lib files named as .a).
    Can anyone help me out here as how i can make Qt4.7 link in VS2005.


  • Visual Studio library files to link against end with .lib, not with .a.

    If you have installed the prebuilt Qt, you can find them in C:\Qt\4.7.1\lib

    Add this path to the search path for libraries in your project and link against QtCore4.lib et al.

    The VS addin can handle this for you, too.

    1. which Qt version did you have installed?
    2. Given that you have Desktop version (since here's Desktop sub-forum) installed, then if you created Qt project from VS project wizard, libraries path should be automatically configured and you don't have to bother it.
    3. If you don't have pre-built libraries, you could go through following guide and make you own build. Either static or dynamic libraries, depends on you.
    4. Btw, the libraries would be under $(QTDIR)\bin or $(QTDIR)\lib

  • I installed the "Qt SDK for Windows"(322 MB) file from

    It got installed to C:\Qt\2010.05

    This folder contains a qt\include and qt\lib directories. The include seems to be fine, but qt\lib contains files ending with .a and not .lib. I have searched everywhere else in C:\Qt\2010.05 but could not find any .lib files.

    I am now thinking of downloading the "Qt libraries 4.7.1 for Windows (VS 2008, 228 MB)" and see if it contains .lib files.

    Because the SDK doesnt contain .lib files for sure.

  • [quote author="thambi03" date="1298047519"]I installed the "Qt SDK for Windows"(322 MB) file from[/quote]

    Read the footnote to the download link on that page:

    bq. *Based on MinGW (download sources) tool set. Does not include VS compiler.

    You cannot use the SDK with Visual Studio (the DLLs cannot be mixed). There is no open source version of Qt prebuilt for VS2005. You have to download the "Qt: Framework Only" source package (the link to the ZIP is at the end of the introductory paragraph) and compile yourself using the link fifth gave in his comment.

  • Yes, you better install Qt for Windows and Qt Addin for VS, which obviously save your time.

    Actually, you have to build your own libraries, since I ran into "Debug info corrupted" error when I linked against those pre-built Dlls.

  • You cannot mix C++ DLLs built with different Visual Studio versions.

  • Hi Volker,

    Do you know how to get the VS Addin to recognize the QT libraries built from source?

  • [quote author="cuyan" date="1313765527"]Hi Volker,

    Do you know how to get the VS Addin to recognize the QT libraries built from source?[/quote]

    You must go to the settings for the Qt addin (I don't remember from memory, I'm not on a windwos machine at the moment) and and manually add the version from the build/install dir. If you're still stuck, please leave a not here, I'll have a deeper look on the windows box in the office then.

  • hi thambi03,

    your problem seems a problem over I spent a lot of time to understand what to do exactly in a general case. Please take a look to this (solved) thread, I hope it maybe useful for your case.

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