[solved] Converting string to QString

  • How can i convert a string to a QString?? is it possible?
    In fact my program ask the user to write the name of an xml file, and to be parsed this name must be converted to a QString an use it to open a QFile.

    This is the code i tried but it doesn't work.
    @char* fn;
    QDomDocument doc;
    QString sfn;
    std::cout<<"please choose an xml file name"<<std::endl;
    QFile f(sfn);
    if (!(f.exists())) cout<<"The file does not exist"<<endl;
    op= f.open(QIODevice::ReadOnly);
    sc= doc.setContent(&f);

  • QString str = QString::fromUtf8(content.c_str());

  • Thanks it helps a lot

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