How I can find out which widget particular was clicked?

  • Greetings .

    I want to know as within of:


    How I can know on which widget the mouse event was generated? .

    I understand a mouse event occurs when one or more mouse buttons are pressed or released inside a widget or when the mouse is moved .

    I am creating a custom widget (using QWidget as the base class) which has several elements: an area that shows a picture (with a QScrollArea and QLabel) and an area with several checks (2 QPushButton, 1 QCheckBox, 1 QToolButton, ect) . I want to allow the user to highlight regions with the mouse on the image (drawing rectangles) , for this I am reimplementing the functions I wrote above.

    The problem is that I only need do this when mouse events occur over the area shown in the image. So, my specific question is with QMouseEvent :

    How I can find out which widget particular was clicked?

    Formulating the question would be more generally:
    When you have a complex custom widget (with several child widgets), How I can find out about which widget particular (from the children widgtes) mouse event has occurred?

    Thanks in advance for any help and/or suggestion.

  • Given the position from the mouse event, you should be able to use "a QWidget function called childAt": to get the child at that location.

    The downside is that it returns only a single child, so if you've got a stack of children there, this will only give you the top-most (I believe).

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