ListView crash

  • hello,

    i am working on a file browser, using a QAbstractListModel. thing is... i can browse through folders, but if one folder is packed with tones of files and folders the qml crashes.

    i got this function for browsing folders:
    void ModelConcrete::downFolder(QString s)

    m_dir.setFilter(QDir::AllDirs | QDir::Files | QDir::NoDot );    //m_dir is QDir
    m_dir.setSorting(QDir::DirsFirst | QDir::Name);
    m_list.clear();                               //m_list is QList<QFileInfo>
    m_list =  m_dir.entryInfoList();
    qDebug()<<"downFolder() was called";


    the listview is pretty basic... i'm printing list items with Component { Item {Rectangle {text and so on... and the Listview {id: delegate: and so on}

  • Not an answer, but an alternative. Qt has QFileSystemModel:

    bq. The QFileSystemModel class provides a data model for the local filesystem.

  • i am not using qtwidgets, only c++ and qml binding, so i cant use the QFileSystemModel.

    it crashes when it loads the names of the sub-folder and sub-files, in the qml.
    width: 800
    height: 600
    id: myDelegate
    id: itemRoot;
    width: 150
    height: 30
    signal openFile(string fileName);
    anchors.fill: parent
    anchors.margins: 2
    radius: 10

                    id: frstname
                    text: name     //sent through the listmodel 
                    color: "black"
                   //functions calls like browseFolder() and cdUp()


    if I change the frstname.text to a static string like "folderName"... i can browse all folders with no problems whatsoever, downside.... all folders are named folderName.
    i tried to send the name of the folder through a connect(obj,signal,obj,slot,Qt::QueuedConnection) and directly also, but i only get the crash if a folder has many subfolders or subfiles.

  • so... QML Text component crashes...but if you use TextEdit or TextInput and use a MouseArea, the TextEdit or TextInput is hacked and it becomes a readonly mode, not writte(a)ble (excuse the english) as expected.

    should i mark the thread as [Solved-ish]?

  • Do you know how to text send from dialog box to main window.

    plzzzzzzz help me

  • Pawan! You should start in new discussion for other topic . Well! you can send text Using socket .!!!

  • the Text item works on someone else's computer.
    my Qt version is screwing me.

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