How to put a particles(from ParticleSystem) in an custom user figure?

  • Hi everyone)
    Recently started learning Qt Quick and his type ParticleSystem.
    I have a code:
    @ParticleSystem {
    id: particlesystem
    anchors.fill: sky

        ImageParticle {
            id: stars
            source: "content/images/star.png"
            groups: ["stars"]
            opacity: .5
        Emitter {
            id: starsemitter
            anchors.fill: parent
            emitRate: parent.width / 10
            lifeSpan: 5000
            group: "stars"
            //shape: ellipse

    The question is: Can I put Particles in an custom user figure?
    Of course you can easily put in a rectangle using anchors.fill or in an ellipse using Emitter property shape, but I want do the same with a circle or triangle.

  • [quote author="sletta" date="1393487129"][/quote]
    Thanks, but then I have to create a separate image for each screen resolution.. So, It's not suitable for me.
    Is there a way to create my own shape qml type(TriangleShape, PolygonShape)?

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