Guide to learning qt ?

  • Hello , how are you doing guys..

    Can you guys guide me for the best way to learn qt ? I've searched and found that qt 5 is the newest version and took a big jump from qt 4 so learning qt 4 might not be a good idea.

    Is there a book to learn qt 5 ? or what's the best way to learn it ?

    I've found this one , but it isn't on c++.

    I have a basics understanding of c++ , pointers, functions , loops , conditionals, arrays and vectors, and dynamic memory ,and an idea about classes " I'm still learning it ", also a basic idea of structures.

    and I wanted to learn qt because I've read that learning it while learning the basics of c++ might be a good idea.

  • Hi and a very big welcome to the Qt community.
    Qt 4 and Qt5 are not that far apart. Qt5 comes also for Android and some parts of the package is rearranged, Also Qt5 is better with the use of QtQuick(qml).
    In basic, Qt may be done with QtQuick/Qml or with QWidgets/C++. IYAM me it's best to understand the widget/C++ way to get a idea of how Qt works before venturing into the qml coding.
    For C++ with Qt there are a couple of good books. There is also a books page on this site somewhere, just google, you'll find it.
    For me I used a great book:
    Introduction to design patterns in C++ using Qt.
    It is Qt4 based, but most part of it is about how C++ operates and should be used. Next to that you get basic information about widgets. The first step to your first Qt programs ;-)

  • Thanks buddy for your help , to be honest I only found books about qt 4 all over the internet , and the only site/book I found for qt 5 is the one that I've posted and it's not on c++.

    So you advise me to buy your book " Introduction to design patterns in C++ using Qt " and read the whole book then learn qt 5 ? I'm just hopping I won't miss on a lot of things in qt 5 that I need to learn it all over again.

  • Nup,
    The book is more about how to program C++ and the tricks and stuff that comes along, but it uses Qt to do so. I passed my Certified Developer exam with the help of that book and off course some test programs I wrote. Also keep a look on this forum and try to figure out what problems people are having and what answers come along. That gives good insight to what Qt has and is all about. Every time you see a Qt class specified you check the docs on the site to read what it is all about.
    It made me a good C++ programmer with the start certificate to prove it ;-)
    Also, think of a program to start with, your own project that is a growing process. You encounter lots of new classes when you try different things.
    IYAM the book is excellent to understand C++ and Qt is based on it, so it really, really helps!! Learn C++ and then what Qt does with it, not the other way around.

  • The problem is I already learnt most of the basics of c++ , with a book called c++ how to program , in this semester I'll finish the first 15th chapters. so If I picked up another book that teaches c++ even if with a different way it will take a lot of time. I'll check the book and it's index but I really hope there's another way , better way at least.

  • Oh,
    Didn't get the C++ part that you already learned ;-)
    Hmm, then the book is a bit redundant. There is also a Qt gui program book, but that is a bit outdated and based on Qt4. The basics are still in it, so most parts of it are still valid.
    Then take my second advice and simply design a program you think off. Start off with just a Menu and action (create one in Designer and check our the _ui.h file). That shows how the designer makes Gui classes.
    Then in basic design a program and pick up part and classes of Qt as you go.
    If you know the basics of C++, Qt will come to you ;-) And when a question pups up, post on the forum. We all understand that there are noobs that ask silly "we all know that" questions. Not a problem here for asking help.
    Also found this link:
    "Qt 4.8 learning":

  • Thanks man , I'll try to do what you've posted.

    when I searched in this site a minute ago , I remembered that I followed a guy on youtube that teaches qt on c++

    what do you think ?

  • Ahh, yes, I forgotten the VoidRealms guy on youtube.
    A very basic introduction to QtWidgets. It's a must see IYAM. Only skip the QThread video's. They are not totally perfect. My advise is to stay clear of QThread until you need a multithreaded program. If you need that you probably have lots of Qt experience and you will understand the topics on this forum a lot better.
    The first 40 or so clips are what you need to get an idea what Qt does and can.

  • Thanks guys , you really helped.

    I'll check the first 40 videos of VoidRealms's channel , also that link that @ankursaxena have posted.

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