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Fresh install of SDK 5.2.1 msvc 2010 - no compiler found

  • I have been using the 5.x.x Qt SDKs for a while, with no issues, but always using the MinGW compiler that comes with Qt.

    I have a particular need to use msvc 2010 compiler, so I downloaded the Qt 5.2.1 SDK with msvc 2010. But when I compile my project I get the warning "Qt needs a compiler to be setup".

    So, does that mean that the msvc 2010 comiler does not actually come with the Qt SDK msvc 2010?
    If not, where can I get this compiler? - I have searched the forums for msvc 2010, there are many question about it, but I did not find one (though may have missed it) that explains how you get the msvc 2010 compiler.


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    Qt Project cannot ship any MSVC compilers due to licensing issues. MinGW is different, because it is Free Software.

    You need to get MSVC 2010 compiler yourself. It is shipped with MS Windows 7.1 SDK, or you can get it by installing MS Visual Studio 2010.

  • Sorry about the slow reply, I spent all the rest of the day trying to get around our IT policies... and then the installer did not work. So I trawled the internet for answers and found the following important issue (noting it here in-case others search this post):

    MS Windows 7.1 SDK installer will not work if you have msvc redist version higher then 10.0.3019. You get the following error:

    Mircosoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 Product has reported the following error: Please refer to SAMPLES\SETUP\HTML\ConfigDetails.htm document for further information

    The only solution I found was to uninstall this (you can re-install it later I guess, but I did not bother). Once you do this the installer works fine.

    Anyway, once I got it installed, it all worked perfectly!, thanks very much, this was the information I was missing : )

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