Downloadable Qt5.x Documentation anyone?

  • I'm going away for a while where the internet connection is very poor and sometimes not working at all.
    I've purchased the latest book I could find about Qt, the book called "An Introduction to Design Patterns in C++ with Qt", but that book is already starting to get a bit dated, and I can't use half of the examples without depending on the documentation.

    I've also discovered this:
    "Qt5 Cadaques":

    But it is only partially (though very nicely) done and its QML parts are there, but the parts on C++ is not done as of yet.

    So what I would really like is a downloadable version of all Qt API's and all reference material in an updated version.

    Any idea where I could find something like this (besides downloading the sources and learn from them)?


  • If your using Qt + Qt Creator from the "qt-project/downloads": page you already have an off-line version.

    If you don't use Qt Creator, try Qt Assistant (exe: assistant), it's located in the sample folder as qmake.

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    And if you compile Qt yourself, you need to run
    make docs

    To build all the .qch files (you can then add them to Qt Assistant or Qt Creator).

  • @Seamus Boyle:
    Ah... I haven't gotten around to using Qt Creator yet, but what you're saying is that it contains all the relevant documentation for developing with Qt 5.x?

    That would be a second option if the first alternative proves false!
    Compiling the whole Qt5 enchilada probably takes some time!

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    Qt Creator does not contain Qt documentation by itself. But you can add it manually (and installers do it automatically for you) in settings.

    Compiling Qt 5 can take a long time, yes, but that depends on what you need. If you skip some modules (QtWebkit, QtQuick1), tests and examples, it will compile in about 15-20 minutes on a quad-core HT CPU. Depends also on the OS and compiler you are using (will definitely take longer on Windows).

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