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PySide: Python for Qt version 1.0.0 release candidate 1 "The name doesn't matter" released

  • The PySide team is proud to announce the first release candidate of PySide:
    Python for Qt version 1.0.0. We consider PySide quality already high enough
    for the 1.0 release, and to ensure a high-quality 1.0 release, we are
    providing a release candidate to catch any last-minute regressions. Please
    pound this release hard to help us verify there are no serious outstanding

    This is a source code release only; new versions of PySide and the toolchain
    components have been tagged in our git repositories [1] and the respective
    source code tarballs are available via our download wiki pages [2]. We hope
    our community packagers will be providing binary packages shortly.

    Major changes since 1.0.0 beta 5

    Since beta 5, no new features have been added. Instead, a total of 28 bugs
    have been fixed. See the list of fixed bugs at the end of this message.

    Path towards the 1.0 release

    We intend this to be the release candidate in the literal sense of the term:
    only major regressions and critical bugs will be fixed between the release
    candidate and 1.0 final. Therefore, fixes to any bugs in our Bugzilla [3] with
    priority less than P1 will be applied only after the 1.0 release. However,
    please file any bugs you find -- the bug reports are vital in both increasing
    the PySide product quality and in ensuring that your issues get resolved in a
    timely manner!

    Barring any major quality issues, the 1.0 release will happen in two weeks
    from now. After that, maintenance work for fixing bugs and improving the code
    quality will continue, as well as work towards more substantial improvements
    such as Python 3 support and memory footprint optimization.

    About PySide

    PySide is the Nokia-sponsored Python Qt bindings project, providing access to
    not only the complete Qt 4.7 framework but also Qt Mobility, as well as to
    generator tools for rapidly generating bindings for any C++ libraries.

    The PySide project is developed in the open, with all facilities you'd expect
    from any modern OSS project such as all code in a git repository [1], an open
    Bugzilla [3] for reporting bugs, and an open design process [4]. We welcome
    any contribution without requiring a transfer of copyright.

    List of bugs fixed

    561 pyside-uic generates invalid code when tab name is not translatable
    652 Segfault when using QTextBlock::setUserData due to missing ownership
    653 Crash after calling QWizardPage.wizard()
    657 Signal emission inside QtMobility isn't working properly
    661 Compilation failure when QGtkStyle not found
    662 QtGui.iterator not iterable
    663 Crash on exit when passing QNetworkAccessManager around
    667 Crash on exit
    668 QFileSystemModel setRootPath stops application from quitting.
    671 Limitation on the number of signals
    675 QGraphicsLinearLayout segfault
    677 generated code has setParent twice
    679 QWebPage miss extension function
    684 New-style signals does not accept signals with enums as arguments.
    630 Fails to resolve overload for QCursor(QBitmap, QBitmap, int, int)
    635 QToolBar.addAction not the same as in C++/PyQt4
    638 Documentation for phonon doesn't show class inheritance diagrams.
    643 QTabWidget.insertTab not taking ownership
    649 Too-picky typechecking on numeric types: use float / int.
    660 QMimeData type deleted prematurely when overriding mime-type in
    QStandardItemModel drag and drop
    665 Wrong output from pyside-uic with QButtonGroup
    666 QByteArray does not support slices
    674 QGraphicsScene::clear() is missing
    678 Documentation for QIODevice is not generated
    681 Unicode support for trUtf8 method
    682 Descriptions missing from online documentation
    683 Warning when using Slot without provinding the arguments
    687 [PATCH] QUiLoader code example crashes



  • Great work! I'm looking forward for the final release!

    However, as the project is sponsored by Nokia, to provide Python support for mobile phones (I read it somewhere on the project's website), will there be any repercussion on the project? (Reference to, for example.) I didn't read anything about it...

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