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Overlays on top of games with Qt?

  • I am wondering if it's within the realm of possible with the Qt library to make a popup like overlay for game developers ( which they could then call with something like eg popup(); )

    For example, if I wanted to make a popup in game calculator that would dim the game screen and overlay the calculator on top (in a fullscreen game) but not affect the game is this possible in Qt?

    Similar to Valves integrated interface.

    Also if this is possible would anyone kindly link me to some recommended reading on the subject? I tried some searching on my own but I didn't have any idea if the interfaces would work for something like this.

  • It is now possible of doing so, and solution varies. But at present I have no examples or demos.
    Basically, you can draw a translucent pixmap on top of what are drawn onto framebuffer.

  • Thank you jiangcaiyang :)

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