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Getting the include hierarchy - tool

  • hello. since a long time I'm looking for a tool, that shows me all include files of a source file. Therefore my preprocessor defines and include path should be considered. All in all it should do the preprocessor work for me and give me all needed header files. even the ones it could not open, because I don't give the include paths (default header, 3rdParty header).

    in teh end I want to know what files I have to use for a specific project. Therefore I's not important to parse the std header files (just wasting time) nor 3rdParty header. Letter I need only the path to extract the needed 3rdPraty lib from.

    Is there any possibility to extract that from the creator or is QtCreator using a simple script in the end?

    Right know I'm filtering my files for the preprocessor defines and use a liitle bit modified boost::wave to do the wished. but it's not the fastet option...

  • Why not using the compiler? e.g.
    I'm sure that even gcc can do the same.

  • Behause the compiler do not have a skip option and would stop if a file could not be open. And we need the took to get all project files and third party libs. Std include files shall be skipped. It has to be compiler independent except preprocessor defines. But these we put into into the tool also.

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