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Qtcreator: autocomplete interrupts typing in vi mode

  • When I use vi mode, autocomplete will consume a single character the first time it pops up.

    for example:

    lets say I'm trying to write "typename".

    1. I write "typ"
    2. The autocomplete will suggest typedef, typename and typeid.
    3. I continue writing "e", but this character doesn't show up.
    4. I write the rest of the wors, "name"
    5. On the screen I now have "typname"

    This is extremely annoying, and for some reason it only happens in vi mode. Any solutions beside turning off auto-complete?

  • I can't reproduce this here (current 3.1 branch). What version of Qt Creator is that?

  • 3.0.1 something. It happens on all three of my arch linux installs.

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