[SOLVED] Qt Android OpenCV dll load error

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    D/dalvikvm(10346): Shared lib '/data/data/org.ava.demo/lib/libQt5MultimediaQuick_p.so' already loaded in same CL 0x41e98f38
    D/dalvikvm(10346): Trying to load lib /data/app-lib/org.ava.demo-1/libnative_camera_r2.2.0.so 0x41e98f38
    E/dalvikvm(10346): dlopen("/data/app-lib/org.ava.demo-1/libnative_camera_r2.2.0.so") failed: dlopen failed: cannot locate symbol "_ZN7android6Camera10disconnectEv" referenced by "libnative_camera_r2.2.0.so"...

    My project name is org.ava.demo, why it's comes with org.ava.demo-1 in the path?

    My solution is not to linking with those dynamic libs.

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