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Qdoc3 - Documentation HowTo

  • Qt people seems to use qdoc3 for internal use to generate documentation. One of the thing that I like more is the documentation that this people generate and the way in which I can use it. I know that doxygen is there, but i would like to generate documentation in the same way that Qt guys do.

    It is a pity that there is not a lot of documentation explain step by step how to do some kind of documentation using qdoc3, qhelpgenerator, etc..

    Why don't you do some kind of tutorial about this, or simply put your internal documentation available for everybody.

    Why do you tell people to use doxygen instead? What is the problem using qdoc3?

  • qdoc3’s way to use is not really intuitive and is changing constantly.

    I’ve posted some things I’ve found before, please use the search and ask then if you have something else to ask.

  • Or use the nice tagging function to jump to some search results instantly :-)

  • I saw it, but the answers were not complete. ;-)

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