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Building QT Embedded Widgets on Windows 7

  • I installed Qt C:\Qt\2010.04 and I can build the example projects with Qt Creator.

    I downloaded withe QT embedded widgets


    And I cannot build.

    In file included from ../../../embedded-widgets-1.1.0/src/basicgraph/qtbasicgraph.cpp:9:
    ../../../embedded-widgets-1.1.0/src/basicgraph/qtbasicgraph.h:13:17: error: QtGui: No such file or directory
    ../../../embedded-widgets-1.1.0/src/basicgraph/qtbasicgraph.cpp:10:25: error: QtCore/QDebug: No such file or directory
    ../../../embedded-widgets-1.1.0/src/basicgraph/qtbasicgraph.cpp:11:30: error: QStandardItemModel: No such file or directory
    ../../../embedded-widgets-1.1.0/src/basicgraph/qtbasicgraph.cpp:14:18: error: QDebug: No such file or directory

    I have seen other people report this problem but have not seen a solution. Any help appreciated.


  • Please send the full output from the compiler log

  • I had to put it on the web, as it is greater than the text allowed in these posts.

    Here's a link:


  • bq. Configuration unchanged, skipping qmake step.

    This looks fishy, I suggest to manually run "qmake" again. The include pathes for Qt are missing, which seems to be the error.

    Note that for pasting temporary things, you can use "pastebin":

  • I notice in the basicgraph.pri file there is

    SOURCES += $$PWD/qtbasicdialgauge.cpp
    HEADERS += $$PWD/qtbasicdialgauge.h

    Is this a unix thing? That might explain why this stuff builds on my mac and not on my pc.

  • $$PWD is a qmake thing and is replaced with the current working dir.

    You can try running "qmake -d -d -d -d" to get full debug output from qmake, maybe you see something fishy. In any case, the "-I" parameters for the Qt includes are missing, which I haven't seen happening before...

  • What's strange is that it builds "out of the box" on the mac but not the PC.

    I'll try your suggestion and see what I find.


  • Well if anyone wants to take a look at this, I'm stumped. Here's verbose compiler output:

    Anyone from Nokia Out There?



  • Any news on a solution a got the same problem ?

  • Hi to all.
    I've noticed that, if I lock the instruction


    in the basicgraph.pri files, using a # instruction, it compiles well.

    #DEPENDPATH += $$PWD // line modified

    I don't know why (I'm studying it), but this instruction, ONLY IN PC ENVIRONMENT, resolves the compiling operation in an error.

    This is to be made also in the multislider.pri file.

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