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Is QtCreator developed in Qt/C++

  • Hello,

    I know this is a stupid question but just wanted to check if QtCreator was developed in Qt/C++.

    Also, I am having problems with Qt Creator. Its not as easy to use as VS2005 or VS2008.
    Anyone have a different opinion here.

    I am developing mainly for the windows platform.


  • Yes. And you could have easily checked that yourself, since all sources are available.

  • Thambi03, I dont really agreed with but I guess it is a subjective question. In my opinion QtCreator it is not only easier to use than visual studio but also it is more stable and it takes less resources. I dont really know what do you expect from a IDE, but after 16 years developing software in the industry, i think Qt Creator is it the best IDE I have ever seem to do C++ software

  • Hi josemaria

    what is good or not for an IDE depends on personal opinions.

    QtC reator is more lightwight than MSVS, that's correct, for all other things, it's difficult to say.

    I'm also using MSVS since years in industry, and my personal opinion is, MSVS is better to handle, but perhaps because I'm used to handle it. And I never had problems with stability etc.

    QtCreator is different, that's the point. At home, I use QtCreator, so I also know it...

    Back to thambi03:

    bq. Also, I am having problems with Qt Creator.

    which problems? Can you describe them a bit more, please? perhaps we can help.

  • Visual Studio, in my opinion of course, has the worst editor, project management, and environment management that has ever seen the light of day. I'd rather code using notepad. It has random crashes, both during editing and debugging. It messes up our project files every now and then (especially configurations (Win32/x64, Debug/Release that sorta thing)) Debugger is cool though, save for the little fact that I cannot drag variables into my watch window -- it will crash VS. How's that for a stable product?

    Since I have to use it for my daily work, I use creator to code and studio to debug. I'm rather used to that kind of work flow anyway.

  • @Gerolf
    I want to develop an MDI Application in Qt.
    But using QtCreator, if i just drag an MdiArea widget onto the desktop, then i have to manually go and setCentralWidget().
    This will be overwritten if i save the .ui file again which generates new code. This is one of the problems.

    I am new to Qt and my goal is to develop an MDI application like Merkaartor for Windows. Apparently a lot of cool apps for Qt have been developed but i am just getting stuck starting.

    The thing is i dont want to write everything by code itself but would like to visualize things using tools like QtCreator. But am having problems.

  • In Designer:

    • Create new UI for a MainWindow
    • drag the MDI area to the central area of the MainWindow
    • click on the background of the main window or choose the MainWindow in the object browser and add a vertical box layout (the icon with the three horizontal bars in the toolbar)

    This automatically sets up the central widget which in turn contains your MDI area.

    The trick is to set a layout on the central area.

    You should never fiddle around in the generated ui_xxx.h file, as it will be recreated. But you already realized this ;-)

  • Hmm, I just call setCentralWidget() in my constructors after ui->setupUi(). Works like a charm.

  • [quote author="Franzk" date="1298014199"]Hmm, I just call setCentralWidget() in my constructors after ui->setupUi(). Works like a charm.[/quote]

    This is not necessary (and may be dangerous, as it fiddles around in the object hierarchy). If you layout the central widget in Designer (just set a layout on the main window!), your ui_xxx.h file already contains a call to setCentralWidget() - check the file!

  • I actually want to develop an application "like" QtCreator. So i thought i need to use MdiArea to achieve it.
    But I guess i can make it work with TabWidgets, DockWidgets etc.

    Especially with TabWidget. Instead of opening a new window(in MdiArea) for each new file, I could open it in the TabWidget.

    Please does anyone have another idea about this.

  • Moderators

    You are aware that Qt Creator is open source? So if you want to develop something like it, maybe you can get away with programming plugins for it? ;-)

    Qt Creator is actually mostly a plugin manager. Almost all the functionality is provided by plugins. So if you remove all our plugins you get a pretty basic shell to add you own plugins into.

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