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Not emitted signal (qxmpp)

  • Hi,
    I'm using qxmpp library (+Qt5) and I try to get rooms list from server and server sends this list but I can't get it.

    I have sth like this:
    QXmppDiscoveryManager *manager=new QXmppDiscoveryManager();

    And then server sends the list:

    RECEIVED <iq type="result" id="qxmpp9" from="conference.domain" to="user@domain/QXmpp"><query ><item jid="room2@conference.domain" name="room2"/><item jid="room1@conference.domain" name="room1"/></query></iq>

    but I don't know why signal is not emitted (or my connecting mechanism works wrong)

  • Hi,

    first of all: could you publish the signature of the signal and the slot?
    I suggest you to use the function pointer style syntax to connect the signals and slots each other. It was introduced by the Qt 5.


  • What do you understand by publishing signature? Signal itemsReceived has a signature:
    or more:
    const QXmppDiscoveryIq &

    The same slot

    Oh, and manager is pointer, I have already corrected it in my previous post

  • No one knows where the problem could be?

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