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Open documents sorting

  • Hi,
    when I have a lot of opened files from few different projects in Qt Creator, it's little confusing to find or make something in "Open Documents" view.
    What about sort these files by projects to which they belong? Is there a option/settings for this?

    Could be this idea useful for somebody except me too?

  • I don't think it is a good idea. You already have a view providing such a thing. A list with open files is handy, but I don't see it become more usable by making it yet another tree representation.

  • Yes, I agree that tree is not a good idea, but maybe different (background or font) color would be good :)

  • I agree with Andre, the only time it's confusing, when you have files that doesn't belong to any project, for example when you look up some code that you've found on the net. Maybe they should be marked, but the project view is just for that you have mentioned and it's also totally good.

  • Related, but I think more important, is that when I close a project, QtC should close all the files from that project (or at least prompt?).

  • i think it needs sort by "last opened document" order and drag-n-drop to custom sorting.

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    It is really hard to assign files to projects. Files might belong to no project at all or to several projects at the same time. They could have belonged to a project when opened, but they could have been removed from it since then. New files might not have been assigned to their project(s) yet.

    So it is tricky to put the files in any project-based order.

    You can use sessions and switch between those if you want to have your files closed when switching between different tasks.

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    @life4iran: Files are sorted by last-use in Ctrl-Tab popup.

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