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Qt with sublime text 3

  • Hi,

    I am trying to make a build system for Qt on sublime text 3 and have figured it should theoretically work, but I am kinda stuck on that part. Does anyone here have any idea what commands I should type? I was googling it for ages a while ago but then finally gave up, so I am forced to ask the question here on the official boards.

    Hope to see some answers soon so I can get started working with this what seems to be an awesome framework.

  • what's the problem on using QtCreator anyway ?

  • I just feel comfortable using sublime text because that's the one I am used to. There's no problem with QtCreator, but I just feel I get more out of my productivity by using my absolute favorite editor.

  • Well, I took a look at this Qt Creator thing and I guess I'll just give it a shot since I want to get started coding stuff. Enough of the waiting.

    But I'll keep an eye on this thread until it gets outdated. Nothing is preventing me from trying out devving with Sublime too, but there's always the possibility of me falling in love with the official IDE. In that case, I think I'll probably just stick with it.

  • It would be great develop qt with Sublime Text.
    I loved Qt Creator, but Sublime Text and plugins are wonderful.
    I was wondering to develop a plugin to Sublime Text

  • Completely agree, while Qt Creator is a fairly nice IDE, it has a couple bugs that didn't get fixed in ages and that keep me from loving it. Not to mention the limited customization options are a pain.

    Anyway, outside of editing forms etc., which Qt Designer (A separate app from Qt Creator) is better suited for anyway, I guess it shouldn't be much of a problem working from Sublime Text. I haven't attempted it myself yet. You can modify the building process in ST with a bit of googling. Most of the times, you just need to run make anyway, which if I am not mistaken is already part of ST (cmd + B on mac), for the times that you need to run qmake, you could either build a script or run it from terminal, it's not that much of an inconvenience.

    The problem however is going to be the limited code completion, which I rely heavily on when using Qt to write code fast. ST is not going to have any idea about Signals / slots, not to mention the hundreds of Qt libraries. Implementing that is going to be a pain to say the least. Someone a lot more experienced than myself in both would have to do attempt that.

  • Well, as far as i know sublimetext does not have a debugging ui, no ui designer etc.

    From my experience an integrated IDE which offers perfect code completion, project management, ui designer, debugging and profiling facilities is the best you can find.

    You will lose so much time switching between all these applications if not using an integrated IDE that you will not be able to control huge projects from all these standalone low level hacking tool perspective.

    Very nice is that all these above features behave exactly the same on all supported platforms without any handmade scripting stuff....just think of windows platform support where there is no real linux shell scripting like scripting support would have to find a way to customize your sublimetext in another way for each non linux based platform...waste of time --> use qtcreator and you will be able to cope with qt multi platform dev perfectly.

  • @uglykid Unless you want to develop using another language like Python :-) Or using PySide.

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    But Creator does support python from 2.8 ?

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