Qt 5 libqxt problems

  • Hello! I have a problem. I've downloaded libqxt to use with Qt and can't get it to work. I ran configure.bat, ran mingw32-make and mingw32-make install then I copied all the folders with files from C:\Qxt\Includes to my Qt directory\5.2.1\mingw48_32\include. After including qxt in my project file:
    @CONFIG += qxt
    QXT += core gui@

    I got an error saying that there's no rule to make a file, I figured out what the problem was so I just copied all the files from the folders to my mingw32 includes folder. It looks like a mess, but that's how I got past that little problem. But now I have another problem, when I try building my program, I get the following errors: @C:\Users\Klaudijus\Desktop\Event_Script/widget.cpp:54: undefined reference to _imp___ZN17QxtGlobalShortcutC1EP7QObject' C:\Users\Klaudijus\Desktop\Event_Script/widget.cpp:56: undefined reference to_imp___ZN17QxtGlobalShortcut11setShortcutERK12QKeySequence'
    C:\Users\Klaudijus\Desktop\Event_Script/widget.cpp:58: undefined reference to _imp___ZN17QxtGlobalShortcutC1EP7QObject' Makefile.Debug:80: recipe for target 'debug\Event_Script.exe' failed C:\Users\Klaudijus\Desktop\Event_Script/widget.cpp:60: undefined reference to_imp___ZN17QxtGlobalShortcut11setShortcutERK12QKeySequence'
    debug/widget.o: In function ZN6Widget10EitiIEventEv': C:\Users\Klaudijus\Desktop\Event_Script/widget.cpp:86: undefined reference to_imp___ZN17QxtGlobalShortcut11setShortcutERK12QKeySequence'
    C:\Users\Klaudijus\Desktop\Event_Script/widget.cpp:91: undefined reference to _imp___ZN17QxtGlobalShortcut11setShortcutERK12QKeySequence' debug/widget.o: In functionZN6Widget22on_prisijungti_clickedEv':
    C:\Users\Klaudijus\Desktop\Event_Script/widget.cpp:127: undefined reference to _imp___ZN17QxtGlobalShortcut11setShortcutERK12QKeySequence' debug/widget.o: In functionZN6Widget13keyPressEventEP9QKeyEvent':
    C:\Users\Klaudijus\Desktop\Event_Script/widget.cpp:260: undefined reference to _imp___ZN17QxtGlobalShortcut11setShortcutERK12QKeySequence' debug/widget.o:C:\Users\Klaudijus\Desktop\Event_Script/widget.cpp:267: more undefined references to_imp___ZN17QxtGlobalShortcut11setShortcutERK12QKeySequence' follow
    collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status@

    No matter whether I try to build it in Debug or Release mode. The lines that give the error look like this:

    @ shortcut = new QxtGlobalShortcut(this);
    connect(shortcut, SIGNAL(activated()), this, SLOT(EitiIEvent()));

    (The first and the third lines)
    I have defined what 'shortcut' is above that code:
    @QxtGlobalShortcut* shortcut;@

    So does anyone know what's wrong with my libqxt? Thanks in advance!

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