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Qt Creator Todo/Task Plugin

  • I've been thinking of contributing to Qt Creator and I am considering a Task plugin.
    Eclipse has an addictive feature where if you leave a "todo" comment like this: // todo stop coding, enjoy life
    It auto populates a task list for you.

    Anyone else think this is a good idea? Would it be accepted? Is a task plugin already in the works?

    Also, what are the guideline for where a plugin like that would go in the GUI?
    In Eclipse it's under the source like the 1-4 Build windows so you can use it to navigate
    code easily. Or would it have to go in the left panel with Welcome/Edit... or even in the
    Projects/File System panel?

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    Actually I use a script that extracts the diff to the master branch in git, grabs TODO, FIXME, etc. items from all the added lines in that diff and generates a task list file from that (plus some additional tests I run on the added lines;-).

    I then use the tasklist to display all of these "warnings" in the Build Issues tab in Qt Creator. Works great for me... and I actually prefer that to just seeing all the todo items everybody ever added to the code.

  • You are a wizard and that is a good point. I only work on relatively smaller projects so I hadn't considered that. Let the feature creep begin: It could auto add a timestamp and/or configured username to the comments. That way you can filter on your own, but still see others.

    // fixme help, my code doesn't work {11/02/16 12:01 reactive}

  • Maybe "this": will do all work for you? :)

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