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Static linking of custom QtQuick plugins

  • Hi

    I have written a bunch of QtQuick plugins that I need to statically link on iOS. I believe I do everything correctly, the lib is linked successfully, because I can use it in C++, but when trying to import it in QML, I get:

    bq. static plugin for module "QtQuick" with name "VLTCorePlugin" has no metadata URI

    And that is correct, when I print out metaData of my plugin
    @qDebug() << qt_static_plugin_VLTCorePlugin().metaData();@

    Then I get:

    bq. QJsonObject({"IID": "VLTCore","className": "VLTCorePlugin","debug": true,"version": 328193})

    No "uri" in there. But how can I add it?

    Just to check, I printed out the metadata of QtQuick plugin itself, and indeed there is a "uri":

    bq. QJsonObject({"IID": "org.qt-project.Qt.QQmlExtensionInterface/1.0","MetaData": {},"className": "QtQuick2Plugin","debug": true,"uri": ["QtQuick.2"],"version": 328193})

  • I found out where the URI is set in essential plugins, it's set by custom variable TARGETPATH that ends up in

    @QMAKE_MOC_OPTIONS += -Muri=$$URI@

    in the file

    bq. qtbase/mkspecs/features/qml_plugin.prf:31

    If qmake MOC options is the right way to do it, it must be written in the documentation, i guess?

    When I add it to my plugin's *.pro file, it works at least.

  • Thank you very much this still works and is needed to get QtQuick plugins working on iOS.

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