Should I use QWidget or Qt Quick, or will HTML5 allow me to run it in a browser?

  • Hi, I've been exploring Qt for a couple of months now reading a book, implementing some tutorials and converting a few Qt4 projects to Qt5 and running them on Linux and Android. I still have much to learn and yet I need to start work on an app which will be used to log users on to high performance computing clusters to show and organise analysis of genome data.

    I want to be sure I base this on the most appropriate project type, but don't feel I understand the benefits and drawbacks of each well enough to make an informed choice, so I'd like some community insight if you would be so kind. I plan to write it in C++, but I'm also comfortable with Javascript and Python if that affects the choice, and of course the app should run on Android, Linux, Windows and iOS.

    At the moment I am considering Qt Widget App or Qt Quick App, but I am also contemplating HTML5 app if that will allow it to run in a browser(?). I note that the default Qt Quick App generated uses QGuiApplication as its basis and then sets the main.qml in a QQuick view derived class. From my understanding the main benefit here is the designer with transitions and ability to create a modern, sleek looking GUI.

    QWidget seems a bit more straight forward to me with a QApplication with a MainWindow containing the UI, but it seems to me that QWidgets is almost a legacy feature from Qt4 and I'm not sure if there are any benefits to this over Qt Quick?

    I would prefer to keep the UI separate from the C++ classes doing network communication and job/data handling so I can re-use it in other projects.

    So, should I use QWidget or Qt Quick, or will HTML5 allow me to run it in a browser and give me more flexibility in deploying to various devices without compiling for each such device?

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