Unable to use QComboBox's setItemData() method for QStandardItem objects (PySide)

  • I've checked everywhere to see whether someone else has reported this as a bug, but I've seen nothing--as a result, I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but I don't believe so because this is extremely straightforward. Whenever I set the data value of a QComboBox item (using setItemData() method OR embedding the data in the addItem() method as in the code below), it apparently doesn't take -- even though no error is reported, the call to retrieve the data (using the itemData() method) returns a NoneType! I quickly created a very simple QDialog() script to print the results to the terminal; please let me know if you reproduce the problem or not:

    @from PySide.QtCore import *
    from PySide.QtGui import *
    import sys

    class Form(QDialog):
    def init(self, parent=None):
    super(Form, self).init(parent)
    self.setWindowTitle("Adding QStandardItem as the value to QComboBox's setData() method")

    self.model = QStandardItemModel()
    item1 = QStandardItem("Item 1")
    item2 = QStandardItem("Item 2")
    item3 = QStandardItem("Item 3")

    option1 = "option 1"
    option2 = "option 2"
    option3 = "option 3"

    self.comboBox = QComboBox()
    self.comboBox.addItem(option1, item1)
    self.comboBox.addItem(option2, item2)
    self.comboBox.addItem(option3, item3)

    layout = QVBoxLayout()


    def printItemData(self):
    print "The item associated with that index is: ", self.model.item(self.comboBox.currentIndex())
    print "The data linked to that item is: ", self.comboBox.itemData(self.comboBox.currentIndex())

    app = QApplication(sys.argv)
    form = Form()

    I was under the impression that the value of setItemData() could be any object. Is this a bug? (Or do I perhaps have a bad installation?)

  • I'm looking at C++ Reference, so I may be wrong about this but in Qt C++ addItem / setItemData declaration shows "QVariant". maybe you might want to use row index or "Item n" for the ItemData

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