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Nokia CTO Rich Green speaks about Qt

  • bq. Nokia CTO Rich Green took some time to address one of the questions that relate to Qt’s future and Qt’s role within Nokia.

    "More info and video here":

  • For non-english people should be useful to have the text written... :-)

  • [quote author="Luca" date="1297864999"]For non-english people should be useful to have the text written... :-)[/quote]

    A resume from "My Nokia Blog":

    Nokia’s Chief Technology Officer, Rich Green talks about MeeGo, Symbian and Qt in the videos below:

    • We do plan to ship a device from our MeeGo Programme some time this year. I’ve seen the device running and it is beautiful, elegant and the hardware is “interesting” and the software is powerful
    • Third part of our strategy, were going to engage on the work on a new disruptive platform. We don’t want to get caught from behind. What’s this – a new OS? Or further MeeGo work?
    • Feedback from MeeGo will be included in the platform technologies

    On Symbian

    • OS platforms don’t quickly go away
    • New hardware on the pipeline, dew devices, GHz, chips to be delivered in these devices, very cool stuff
    • Radical Updates to the display of the device, the user interface, the user experience is going to be radically improved
    • 75 Million devices that use modern Qt QML, Plan to ship 150m more with that equivalent technology. Around 250billion devices. That’s still a unique opportunity.
      On Qt – why no Qt on Windows.
    • Qt is healthy and long lived. PERIOD.
    • Qt and QML is frame work for MeeGo. We plan to ship the device this year. It’s critically important. It’s the way we recommend everyone write apps.
    • Qt and QML technology to desktops, 4000 licensees.
    • Stephen talked about disruptive technologies in the high end. We’ll use feedback from MeeGo programme to see what technologies from MeeGo will go into there. Qt is a strong candidate.
    • One of critical things in building ecosystem is to give them a clear road ahead. Windows Phone is a SILVERLIGHT environment. To put multiple tools would dilutive and distracting.
    • WP is a remarkably elegant device. I’ve used one for a while. I’ve chucked (chucked? or checked?) one of those iThings and I live on this (what handset is he using) as well as Nokia phones. The makers of the Microsoft phones have done a great job of integrating the applications with the operating system. When you build an app on Windows Phone it’s very difficult to tell where the App stops and the OS begins. If you think about another developer platform, they have to interoperate with core OS and talk to apps written in silverlight, and have a three way collection of features, all interoperating in seamless way- that’s a really hard computer science problem

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  • I doubt the 150 million number very highly. Nevertheless, we've been told it's all about ecosystems. What ecosystem should the Qt apps on those (low end) Symbian devices be developed for?

    Unique opportunity? Please Nokia, stop bullshiting us.

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