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Qt Creator not using Qt 5.2.0 with 5.1.0 installed

  • I am upgrading Qt to get access to QtQuick.Controls 1.1. I have both Qt 5.2.0 and 5.1.0 installed and I can't seem to get QtCreator to use version 5.2.0.

    Qt 5.2.0 is auto-detected in the Kits and Qt Versions and I set Qt 5.2.0 to the default. Qt 5.1.0 shows up in the manual section. When I run the program though, the creator is still using 5.1.0. I tried removing Qt 5.1.0 from the kits and versions and then Run becomes disabled. I think I am missing something that may be obvious.

    If I uninstall Qt 5.1.0, Creator starts using 5.2.0 properly, but I need to have 5.1.0 installed on the system for another project so this isn't a optimal workaround. Any thoughts as to what the problem could be?

    Qt Creator 3.0.0
    Qt 2.5.0 & 2.1.0
    gcc 4.6.3

  • welcome to devnet

    What OS are you using?

    Just to be that you know about it. You can change the tool chain and the Qt lib version in the "Projects-->Buuild&Run" menu tab. You can add different kits for the project. Changing to a different kit is possible too.

    Did you do the compilation yourself? The gcc you are referring to is fairly "old". I have just checked that I am using the pre-build linux version of 5.2.1 with gcc 4.8.1 (Ubuntu). The windows pre-build of 5.1.0 uses also a gcc 4.8 version.

  • I'm using Ubuntu 12.04.04 LTS. I tried setting the default kit in Projects->build&Run, but it doesn't seem to use 5.2.0 unless 5.1.0 has been completely removed from the system.

  • I have Ubuntu 13.10. At first I installed Qt 5.2.0 pre-build with creator. Later I have added Qt 4.8.5 for a cross compile.
    After adding and managing the tool chain and Qt libs I can simply switch between different kits under "Projects--> Build&Run". All the different kits I had added for the specific project are listed right of the "Add Kits" combobox.

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