[SOLVED] Building Qt Creator Statically

  • hi,

    Is building Qt Creator statically possible ?


  • No. But I am curious: Why would you want to do that?

  • Hi !

    Thanks, I would like to do so because I have an (old) red hat version installed with KDE and linked to a Qt version.

    So I would like to install a recent Qt Creator as a "self contained" package, so that it does not interfere with whats already installed (and so that the "new" Qt/Qt creator does not mask anything)

    Is this possible ?


    ps : sorry for my broken english

  • That is possible, our Qt Creator binaries shipped with the Qt packages do exactly that. Unfortunately they will most likely not work with old redhat installations due to issues with glibc.

    So why don't you do what we do? We ship a dynamic Qt and a Qt Creator linked against that version. You can either set rpath so that creator will use your Qt or set LD_LIBRARY_PATH accordingly (e.g. in qtcreator.sh).

  • hello

    Thanks for this, I will definitly try it.

    If i understand correctly, i need to compile Qt normally (as dynamic libraries), and then compile Qt-Creator and set its rpath to point to the Qt libraries I installed, right ?

    If that is correct, I see there is an "rpath" option in the configure script of Qt. What is this for ?


  • You would need to set the rpath on the Qt Creator binary, not on Qt. Basically it is a path built into the binary where the linker will check for libraries. I think you will need to pass some linker flags to the Qt Creator build to make this work.

    Setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH is definitely the simpler approach.

  • Thanks ! I actually tried with rpath and it works :-)

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