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QXmlSchemaValidator and QAbstractMessageHandler

  • Hi!

    I am validating an XML file against a Schema using Qt's QXmlSchemaValidator great class. To get a fine grained error messages, I subclassed QAbstractMessageHandler class and passed it to QXmlSchemaValidator in order to get those messages. My problem is QXmlSchemaValidator stops reporting messages after the first one. I know I have 2 errors in my XML but it just reports just one. Is this a bug in QXmlSchemaValidator or it is the normal behaviour?

    Thanks in advance

  • Could the trouble be in your handler ? Does it exit/return after the first error ?

  • I just grab the message in void handleMessage(QtMsgType type, const QString& description, const QUrl& identifier, const QSourceLocation& sourceLocation) function, store it in a QList and wait for the next one, which neve came.

  • I think it would be worth asking this on the Qt-Interest mailing list.

  • I'll ask there. Thank you. Anyway, why are two different sites to talk about Qt? Is not better to have everything in just one official site?

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