QWidget: Must construct a QApplication before a QPaintDevice

  • Hello all,

    I am a newbie to QT and I know that there are a lot of discussions done on this error but the scenarios are different.

    I would like to get the solution for my scenario.

    I am using the QT with python and C++. We have an SDK written in C++ and an auto test tool in python framed to test this SDK. To communicate between this two C++ and python scripts we are developing an PYD file(Python DLL file).

    The issue is I am running the auto test in my development machine and the auto test is working fine without any errors but at the same time if i run the auto test in the testing machine it gives an error stating the title.

    I tried to debug the python script and it gives this error in the line where we are importing the PYD file.

    In my development machine I do have Visual studio 2013 installed. I am really not getting any solution regarding this issue.

    Can any one please help me to find the solution ASAP.


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