Qt Creator 5.2 Build error for x64 windows 7

  • Despite efforts, I am not able to get any roadmap, to get 64 bit Qt Creator working in windows. I installed it's SDK, updated MingW, added path in environment variables, get the compiler's in screen too. But somehow it say's that it is unable to 'make' the project, is there some place where I can get some help? Do inform me, because it is urgent. I have Visual studio, 2008 and 2012.

    Error :-1: error: Qt Creator needs a compiler set up to build. Configure a compiler in the kit options.

    Error while building/deploying project hi1 (kit: Desktop Qt 5.2.0 MSVC2012 64bit)
    When executing step 'Make'

    I also added locations of make.exe, sh.exe, etc, but how should I get it working? Please help, I hv been trying it for past 3 day's, and it is pathetic that Qt doesn't provide better manual for installation

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    You need to explain your setup a bit more. Have you installed a MinGW Qt package? If so, it will not work with MSVC: those 2 compilers are not compatible. You need to install Qt that matches your compiler.

  • Yes I have installed MinGW Qt package, and updated in Qt, by going in options and specifying path variable. . . but doesn't work

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    OK, once again: this kit Desktop Qt 5.2.0 MSVC2012 64bit will not work with MinGW package you have installed. Never. You can't fix this by using any configurations tricks: those compilers do not produce compatible binaries.

    Remove any MSVC kits you have, add MinGW kit, then remove .pro.user file from your project and open it again in Qt Creator. Then it should work.

  • thanks for that, will try your suggestion

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    Also, remove Qt and MinGW from your PATH. Having them there increases the risk of wrong DLL linkage, especially if you have multiple versions installed.

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