[Linux] Building Qt-Creator 4.8 with static Qt libraries

  • hi guys

    I would like to build Qt-creator from source, and use the static compiled libraries of Qt. Is this possible ?

    I have compiled the Qt libraries as static without any trouble with the following:

    @./configure -static -release -opensource -developer-build --confirm-license -rpath -nomake tools -nomake examples -nomake demos -no-webkit -no-scripttools -no-script @

    Now i want to compile Qt-Creator using those static libraries. However, i have multiple errors on build since the program tries to look for uninstalled features such as Qtscripts:

    bq. json.cpp:38:25: error: QScriptEngine: No such file or directory

    According to my Qt settings, how am I supposed to compile Qt-creator to get it to work ?


  • up ..

  • I have tried to set QT_PRIVATE_HEADERS following this documentation:

    Still, without success :(

    Now the error I have is still the same:

    bq. json.cpp:38:25: error: QScriptEngine: No such file or directory

    Has anyone ever been able to build Qt-creator from source with the static Qt libraries ?


  • HA, it's driving me nuts !

    I have tried to recompile Qt with everything, in static :

    bq. ./configure -static -release -opensource -confirm-license

    But now I have an error during Qt-creator compilation, saying :

    bq. welcomeplugin.cpp:371: error: ‘qt_plugin_instance_Welcome’ has not been declared

    Anyone would have a clue ?


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