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How to detecting moveEvent in child widget?

  • I want to detecting the moveEvent when the Root QWidget is moving.

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    When parent is moved, you would like to receive this event in child object ?

  • i think you must overload the void mouseMoveEvent() inside you QWidget
    with something like this
    YourWidget::mouseMoveEvent(QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent *event);@

  • This answer can partially solve the problem, but only handle the move that triggered by the mouse, because we can also use keyboard to move a QWidget, I want it's child widget also respond to it's movement, how to do that?

  • We can use the following event forward to do that, but there is a problem, the MainWidget should be the Root widget, and sometimes, the childWidget my be dynamic.
    So how I do that to add this functional in cihldWidget's constructor or some other place?
    void MainWidget::moveEvent(QMoveEvent *e)
    QApplication::sendEvent(ui->childWidget, e);

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