Scrolling messes up QTableView's custom painting

  • Hi,

    I subclassed QTableView and re-implemented the paintEvent() to do custom painting on my table. This all works really well, until I do some scrolling with the horizontal scrollbar which corresponds to the QTableView.

    If I scroll to the right, everything goes as planned. However, if I scroll to the left my custom painting somehow gets messed up. I did a little video (just a few seconds long ;-) ) to show you the effect.

    To see what's going on, I recommend you to watch the video in fullscreen.

    My workaround for this problem (also seen in the video) is to re-paint the viewport after the horizontal scrollbar value changes. However, instead of using a dirty workaround, I would really be interested in what's causing the problem.

    I know, that I am using Python instead of C++, but I don't think that the python-wrapper classes are causing the problem.

    Do you guys have an idea?

    Kind Regards

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