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Git config

  • Hello, all
    one more question from newbie :)
    unlike cdt (which I used earlier) seems qtcreator can't work with github without external git client?
    or I'm wrong with a <some> settings?


  • Yes, QtCreator requires an external git client or other VCS clients.
    The settings are defined in Tools/Options/Version Control.

  • thank you!
    to avoid new topic , can someone assist me to find the doc out which describes pro file syntax, please?

    actually the question is:
    in the case src is not ion the same level with buid
    SOURCES += src\main.cpp
    however it doesn't allow me to specify build folders like above with usual error - sources on the same level with binary build
    seems I have to specify src subfolder as sources forcely

  • The .pro files use the "qmake syntax.":

    In general you should use Qt creator to add files (e.g. Add Existing Files). The build is often done in a build directory which is separate.

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