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QtCreator RemoteLinux - can't run and debug Plugins

  • hello,
    I have a problem with debugging/run a plugin on an embedded device.

    When I develop an normal application, clicking on Projects -> Run, I can see an run configuration for the remote device.
    When I develop an plugin, there is NO run configuration for the remote device. I cannot even set an custom executable on remote device. It just show me a run configuration for a local run (which makes no sense, my kits is configured for generic linux device).

    Is there any trick for running an plugin remotely???

  • You cannot run a plugin by itself, you always need a real executable to launch it, and that's also what the debugger needs to attach.

  • Yes, I know.
    So, I set an custom executable in the Project Settings. Then, the executable loads the plugin, and I can debug it.

    But with a remote linux target, I can't choose a remote custom executable!?

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