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Getting problem in using textedit inside write in tcp qt ...!!!!

  • hello im doing a tcp program in qt i want to send content of textedit on client side to textedit on server side for this i used
    but this giving a error like this
    E:\Qt_files\cust_send\secdialog.cpp:23: error: invalid use of void expression
    but if use lineedit instead of it ,everything works fine but my intention is to use textedit so can anyone solve this problem....??


  • Hello ecmanja,

    You are doing 2 tasks at the same time writing string on socket as well as setting text on textEdit .
    First of all set the text in textEdit after that take a QString variable that will hold the entire text of textEdit using QString toPlainText () const and then pass this variable to write() function.

    Hope it will work..

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