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QgraphicsScene problem

  • I have trouble using the QgraphicsScene in Qt.

    When I am initializing the QGraphicsScene in the main.cpp i am able to use that. But when I am try to add that to an Widget & then add that to the main window its not working, I am not able to view anything. What is the problem?

  • Could you please post your code?

  • You probably have no QGraphicsView for the scene. Try to create a view(it's obvious it should be custom and inherit QGraphicsView class) and then type something like;


    Then add some items into the scene to check if it's working or not.

  • i am using
    @ QGraphicsScene scene;
    scene.setSceneRect(-300, -300, 600, 600);


    QGraphicsView view(&scene);


    view.setWindowTitle(QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP(QGraphicsView, "Colliding Mice"));

    QPixmap pm( IMG_BACKGROUND );
    field.setBackgroundBrush( pm );@

    inside the widget. And when I am calling the widget in the main window. The widget space is created but so QGraphicsScene is coming.

  • Did you set the parent of the view?

  • how to do that???
    I am only using this much.

  • view->setParent(this)

  • thanks it solved my problem :)

  • [quote author="zgulser" date="1297759295"]view->setParent(this)[/quote]

    Better set the parent in the constructor call:

    QGraphicsView view(&scene, parentPointer);
    // parentPointer could be this (if it's QObject based)
    // or any other QObject that makes sense for your app

    All QObject based classes take a parent pointer as an optional argument.

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