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Problems installing an application in windows with Qt Installer Framework

  • Hello, I have problems installing my qt application with "Qt Installer Framework" in windows 7. Specifically with the installation folder "C: \ Program Files". The installer fails in the process of copying the files to that folder. Sometimes it takes a long time to install, it is an application of 40 Mb with not too many files. Normally takes only a few seconds.
    I have read that there is a permissions problem in this folder. I have UAC enabled on Windows. My user has administrator permissions. If I try to install directly on C: so good and fast.
    I've also read something about the manifest file and the file "version", I tried to include it but it does nothing.

    Error text:
    "Error during installation process (com.enterprisename.applicationname):
    Error while extracting 'installer://com.enterprisename.applicationname/0.9.0dojo.7z':
    Could not open file: (No file name specified)"

    If anyone knows how you can fix this I would appreciate a response.

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