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GUI Design (Windows)

  • Hi,
    There are some things about the designer which do not work as I would expect it. Since it is QT Creator 3.0.0 so the first version after a big Update it might either a bug or a feature.

    • when I select somethin, like a QHBoxLayout I get the typical 8 blue boxes, but they are inactive, so I connot change the size.
      -I found no way to change the order of childs, so if I have a QHBoxLayout with to childs, but I want to switch the order the only way I found was moving them by hand, which destroys the design.
      -I entered an object at the wrong place in the object tree, how can I move it? Drag& drop doesn't work. So I tried selecting it, deleting it with <ctrl>x, selecting the parent and pressing <ctrl>v. But most of the time it ends up somewhere else in the tree
      I hope someone can help me

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