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Need some light in this dark room: opengl in qtquick2 and threads

  • Hi,
    I am porting a a Qt C++ application (no qtquick) to Qt 5.1 with qtquick2.
    OS is Sailfish, so I am bound to QML/Qtquick.
    I am now trying to get some OpenGl running under QML, which works (like
    QQuickItem with OpenGL in its paint() function.
    The QQuickItem is instantiated within QML.

    The documentation says: Warning: The OpenGL rendering code must be thread aware, as the rendering might be happening outside the GUI thread.
    I don understand this. Which of the code ends up in a separate thread?
    The complete paint() method? Only the gl_ functions and or opengl utility functions?

    Next, in my current application I have several classes that 'supply' data for the OpenGl rendering.
    How can I supply pointers of these (data) classes to the QQuickItem object (it is not visible with c++)?

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