Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit Qt segmentation fault after Update

  • Hi,

    I am having a similar problem as described in this thread:

    On Saturday I install some updates. Now QtCreator and programms build with it fail with sigsev.
    This happens only on my Host PC. A VM on the same PC, running the same OS (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS) is NOT affected.

    Because only on the host the module fglrx was installed (and updated), I assume that is the reason,

    A deinstall/reinstall of the QtCreator (Version 3.0, precomiled version) does not solve the problem.
    Even a complete fresh install from source (Qt5.2.0 & QtCreator) will still result in a sigsev.

    Because all programms using Qt now results in this behaviour (even new versions compiled inside the VM), I assume somthing is broken with in the Qt-Libs.

    I am not a linux expert, so please indicate what information is needed to find out the reason.

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