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Qt5.2 and Qtlocation

  • Hello,

    I use to work with Qt 4.8.4 and Qtlocation module. So I download Qt5.2 and the QtLocation module. The download and the setup seems to work properly.

    I try on example with the QtLocation module, the compilation works fine but when I run the exe I get this error:
    qrc:///mapviewer.qml:42:1: module "QtLocation" is not installed

    I also installed the qtdeclarative5-qtlocation-plugin with this command:

    sudo apt-get install qtdeclarative5-qtlocation-plugin

    But I still have the same error.

    What should I do to make the qtlocation and its examples work fine?
    I works on it for few days now and I am really desparete :(.
    Can someone give me a hand?

    Best regard.

  • I found out on internet that the qtlocation module supply with qt 5.2 is not reliable. So I download the qt module from internet and I compile it.

    I try with the mapdemo example with the module and now I works.

    But I try to deploy it on my other computer, so I take all the .so needed on the first computer and I put it on my second computer. I run the executable on the second computer and I get this message "No service providers are available".
    It seems that the QGeoServiceProvider don't work well on the second computer. Why this append ?

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