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High-dpi Image item

  • Is Image item supposed to automatically detect that there is a "@2x" file alternative on high-dpi displays and use it? That's what I understood from

    Yet a simple example, having test.jpg and test@2x.jpg image files:

    @Image {
    source: "test.jpg"

    Shows test.jpg on my retina display, whether ran by qmlscene or by my C++ application.

    I tried different combinations and tricks and nothing seems to work. In Qt examples "@2x" images seem to be used only for icons.

    If anyone could hint me how to use Image with high-dpi file alternatives or point me to an alternative, I'd sure appreciate it.

  • Hey, i never worked with high-res images in QML, but it actually should display it in high-res. I can't see a reason why it should not work. For example: if you've got an image with the resolution of 2560*1440 and you set
    an QML Image to its size:
    @Image {
    width: 2560; height: 1440
    source: "image.jpg"
    then it actually should display it in this resolution. The real size of the image(the size which it would be on --your display) depends on your display resolution.

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