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How to create toolbox as like as Microsoft Visual Studio using QToolBox

  • Hi all,

    I'm using QToolBox to collect my tools which use to draw predefined shapes on the drawing board.

    I think most of the people know the Microsoft Visual Studio Toolbox. I prefer to add a toolbox like that to my application.

    ! Visual Studio Toolbox)!

    So user capable of pinning and unpinning the toolbox. As you can see in above image tools are organized not only in vertical tabs but also organized in horizontal manner. It cause to save lot of valuable area in the GUI. And especially, I prefer to took the toolbox out of the fixed location as like as a toolbar.

    This is essential because I have lot of tools to display which cause to fill lot of area by tools. Then customer complains he has not enough space to draw shapes.

    Anyone can help me?


    Pin/Unpin Capability and activate with mouse movements if it unpinned.

    Horizontally organize tools.

    Dragged from docked location as QToolBar.

    Thanks for reading my question.

  • Moderators

    see QDockWidget

  • Thank you Raven..

    I found Dock Widget example.. Now trying to examine it.

    But I not found pin/unpin feature. Is it possible with Qt?

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    no they are "pinned" by default.
    Maybe the unpin transition can be animated somehow by yourself.

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