Failed Plugins in Plugin Informatin

  • Hi,
    Beacuse I don't have phonon plugins in my qt creator I copied phononwidgets.dll from Qt\2010.05\bin\designer to Qt\2010.05\bin\designer, but they didn't appear in Creator.
    I opened Tools->Form Editor->About Qt plugins information and got:

    bq. Failed Plugins
    bq. /Qt/2010.05/bin/designer/phononwidgets.dll
    The plugin '......path to plugin again' uses incompatible Qt library. Expected build key "Windows msvc release full-config", got "Windows mingw release full -config".

    Am I doing something wrong? Is there some way to import phonon plugins into creator?

  • You can only use plugins, if they have been compiled with:

    • The same Qt version
    • The same compiler (that's the difference here, it seems)
    • The same release/config configuration

  • I tried to recompile qt creator (2.0.1) but still it doesn't work.
    I will try building UI on designer and then integrating it on creator.

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