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Import c++ type registered with qmlRegisterSingletonType

  • Hi, i've declared a singleton class and registered in with
    @ qmlRegisterSingletonType<presbiopia>("MyClass", 1, 0, "Class",classProvider);@

    where classProvider simply return an instance of MyClass
    then in qml i declare

    @ import MyClass 1.0 @

    and it gives me error such QML module not found, but if i try to call of a property i declared works fine, even with methods. Just it gives me no hints.

    Already tried to clean and build the project.
    Just annoying i know, it works, but is there anyone who as encountered this.
    Thanks A lot!

  • yep, the same for me. Qt Creator marks my import as an error but at the same time I'm able to run my application without any problems. But if I use qmlRegisterType instead of qmlRegisterSingletonType everything is ok.

    It's actually one of the reasons why I'm thinking about using ContextProperty instead of registring singelton

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