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  • Hello,

    I am kind of disappointed by Nokia today I must say. The Announcement of a kind-of full shift to Windows Phone, without really mentioning any promising plans for Qt or MeeGo, makes me sad.
    You have earned a lot of respect in the Linux- and Developerscene with your envolvment for Qt.
    This is now all at stake, what is the Future of Qt with Nokia?
    Qt at its own will survive for sure, as its a competitive Framework ready to hit the market.
    But what Part will Nokia play?
    What will happen to Projects like Qt Creator now?

    Also, imho, don't expect that the devs shift now to WP7, as its a different ecosystem.
    The promise that you gave last fall, that Qt is the one and only software platform is already kind of broken by now.



  • THis is already discussed in "The Lounge": forum in several threads. It's nothing special about the ambassador program

  • Disagree, if we're supposed to present Qt, we should also have the right to discuss it, and its impacts on the program.

  • You can discuss it, but we should not discuss the same thing in 20 forums and 40 threads, that's all I wanted to say. And we had the same discussion starts in all forums today, so most of them were moved to the Lounge, as it#s nothing special for embedded, desktop, etc.

    Feel free to discuss, this, I also do it. but perhaps, not in 20 threads?

  • Gerolf is right. Thread's closed.

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