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Sound file editor widget

  • I need to add very basic sound file editing capabilities to a Qt project (in this case a PyQt project). Anyone know of existing widgets? Or any existing capabilities that would be relevant?

    The editor needs to be part of my program. I realize there are abundant choices in sound file editor programs, but for one thing they have far more capability (and complexity) than I need. And the user needs to be able to launch this editor as part of my program.

  • I have not seen anything like it... What specific tasks must decide widget ? May be audio track visualisation ?

  • Visualize audio track, position start and end cursor, play back sound from start to end cursor, delete portions of track, that's pretty much it.

  • How about if you take as a basis some plotting widget (qwt, qcustomplot...) ?
    I do not think that is problem to edit plot and draw cursor with some frequency on it.

  • You English is a little difficult, but if I understand you, you are right, the user will not be drawing waveforms. The cursor will only be used to select portions of the existing waveform.

    The algorithm for plotting the waveform is so simple that it could be done easy with a QCanvas (or Graphics View). The trick is allowing the user to place markets, indicate them visually, and drag them around. Also I will need to hook this into the Windows sound playback "PortAudio" perhaps.

  • Sorry for my english, it's awful.
    I see the statement of the problem as follows:
    Visualization of the audio file with a constant sampling rate. These data, of course should be stored in the container (or two containres - time and level).
    Since the markers represent time it is possible to use a container to graphically identify intervals in audio track.
    Finally, you just need to draw a line on the plot, that you can move along the time axis from points of the container.

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