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Video Playback issues on QT 5.2, Windows 7, MinGW32

  • On my build environment, all video playback fails with the error: DirectShowPlayerService::doRender: Unresolved error code 80040266

    This video playback fails on any video file I tried including ogv, webm, mp4.

    I also tried the W3Schools HTML5 Video tester in Tabbed Browser sample app and it fails with the same error when I try to play the video.

    I build up an Ubuntu 13.1 environment to verify it html5 video support should work I confirmed that the W3Schools HTML5 Video player works fine on Ubuntu.

    Anybody know about this issue?

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    How did you try to show the videos?

    This page might provide some clues to the source of your error:

  • Hello JKSH

    I will look into the page you suggested.

    For your question, I tried playing the videos many different ways including:

    Custom iframe youtube based page that loaded a webm video

    YouTube view app loading the same webm video

    Called the W3Schools HTML5 Video demo from Tab Browser, Fancy Browser and a custom simple QWebView app

    Made a local copy of the W3Schools HTML5 Video HTML and tried many different ways

    I tried the Video Player sample app to load several good html5 video formats

    All of the tests resulted with the same error message.

    To extend my testing, I loaded the MSVC 2012 Tool Kit into my environment and all the videos play fine when I build using this tool kit. Therefore, this issue appears so far to be isolated to MinGW 32bit build environment.

  • Hi,

    For minGW, the only available backend is the DirectShow backend (dsengine), which will not support many codecs out-of-the-box. Installing codecs for DirectShow solved the problem in my case, except when the video does not include an audio stream.
    We are now testing with a MSVC 2012 build, which includes both the WMF and the DS backend. WMF supports more codecs (but might have trouble with h.264). I will post the test results when they 're done.

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