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Need Help with Building Libraries with Qt and MSVS

  • I am trying to build this project,
    (The readme file tells you the dependencies and libraries needed to build this Stereo Reconstruction)

    I downloaded Qt 5.2.0 and was using Mingw 4.8. I built this libraries with the mingw compiler:

    • OpenCV
    • gsl
    • Boost
    • Eigen
    • GLEW

    However, I kept getting an error, and I cannot figure it out. So I thought that I would try using Visual Studio.

    I have Visual Studio 2013 and I downloaded QT addin for MSVS 2013. However, the libraries are not linking well to my opencv which I built using opencv.
    My question is this, if I am building a .pro file and building these libraries what is the best way to go about doing these builds?

    I am getting confused with all of the different methods and keep running into road blocks.



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